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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Famouse Tourism Destination in Gilgit-Baltistan (The Ghizer Valley)

In the arms of Hindukush the five valleys of Punial, Ishkoman, Gupis, Phander and Yasin constitute two subdivision of District Ghizer in Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan. All the four valleys are naturally demarcated by rivers. Geographically all the valleys are characterized by very high snow clad mountains, alpine forests and pastures. Glacial streams and high passes connect them to other countries.
 Ghizer is the most fascinated part of Gilgit-Baltistan with its lofty snow capped mountains enchanting scenic valleys splendid Glaciers, Gorgeous rivers and lakes with full of tout fish.                                                                     

The cultural patterns of these areas are interesting as their geographically. At least four different linguistic groups live in these valleys. All these linguistic groups have their own cultural heritage and historical back ground.The characteristics of the people are gregarious, hospitable, great care and respect for outsiders. The typical customers’ folk dances, music and sports, like polo and buzkashi provide the tourists an unforgettable experience.

This is the land of adventure because its offers the adventure avenues trekking, jeep safari, trophy hunting, water rafting, wind surfing, fishing and sightseeing.
A large number tourists come to the Gilgit-Baltistan each year, all four valleys are of Ghizer are the most beautiful and easily accessible areas for the tourists. District consists of five Tehsils i.e. Tehsil Punial, Tehsil Ishkoman, Tehsil, Gupis, Tehsil Phander and Tehsil Yasin. All Tehsils have uniqueness for Tourism Potential.


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