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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fruits, Crops, Livestock, Flora and Fauna of Gilgit-Baltistan

Gilgit-Baltistan has blessed by God with natural resources. Fruits, Crops and Livestock are the main source of income in Gilgit-Baltistan. The GB produces high quality delicious fruits like cherry, Apricot, Mulberry, Plum, Peach, Apple, Pomegranate and Grape etc. Apricot of Hunza and Shigar is believed to be the most delicious and very high quality. The main crops include maize, Wheat, Barley, Millet, Potato, Peas, Beans, various fruits and nut trees, while live stock comprises of Sheep, Goat, Cow, Horse and Yak. These natural resources play an extremely important role in the region's economy, providing the main source of household income for many.These natural resources offers great opportunity for the tourists and visitors to enjoy their leisure time.  


The alpine flowers of the region are, Aster, Potentillas, Delphinium, Daffodil, Daisy, Parsley/Rosemary, Mustard, Honeysuckle, Carrnation, Gentian, Geranium, Mint, Peas, Lilly, Evening Primrose, Poppy, Plantain, Sea Lazender, Buttercups, Rose. The trees are of Fir, Birch, Cedar, Juniper, Spruce, Chilgoza, Chir, Blue, Pine, Deodar, Willow, Oak, and Sycamore. Common bushes and shrubs include, Phaedra, Rose, Tamarisk, Viburnum, and Artemisia.
The animals include Brown and Black Bear, Grey Goral, Lynx, Laddakh Urial, Himalayan Ibex, Markhor, Musk Deer, Marko Polo Sheep, Blue Sheep, Flying Squirrel, Mouse Hare, Wolf, Fox, Golden Marmot, Wild Asses, Yak, and Snow leopard. The birds are Grebes and Waterfowl, Teal, Falcon, Herons and Gulls, Wood Sandpiper, Pigeons, Turtle Dove, Owl, Nightjar, Cuckoos, Kingfisher, Hoopoe, larks, Swallows & Swifts, Thrushes, Warblers, Wagtails, Redstarts, Wheatears, Buntings, Rose Finches, Crows and Magpies, Songbirds, Chakor, Ram Chakor, Snow Partridge, Pheasants, Golden Eagle, Vulture and Hawk etc.


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